wsf thank you

THANK YOU to everyone who help make it possible for us to share stories and photos with the world.

Thank You to our major sponsors, all of our donors, and those who support us along the way.

And the biggest Thank You to the Wounded Warrior Project for seeing the value in our work and sponsoring us during the 2014 Winter Paralympics!

The all-volunteer Wheelchair Sports Federation media team consists of professional writers and photographers who are donating their time and expertise to showcase the athleticism of disabled U.S. athletes and highlight their world class achievements in adaptive sports.  Some members of the media team are former Paralympians and wheelchair users/amputees.  To be able to cover events such as the 2014 Winter Paralympics, we rely on in-kind and monetary contributions from organizations and individuals.

In addition to the organizations posted, we received donations from 61 individuals to help send us to Sochi!
THANK YOU to the following organizations and individuals!
Wounded Warrior Project
Turkish Airlines
Pro Photo Rental
Rainmaker’s Association Lounge
Andy Farmer
Anne Jackley
Daniel Bathalon
Daniel Vaccaro
David Punia
Emily S Kauffman
Eric Heinbaugh
Ian Tully
Kenneth E Gephart
Linda Lubell
Michael Pitaro
Sheldon Martin
Thomaston Gould
Tim Delp
Zachary Presley
(46 people chose to remain anonymous or did not submit a name for recognition)

The Wheelchair Sports Federation is a non-profit organization that provides opportunities for the disabled and wheelchair-bound adults and youth to play sports recreationally and competitively.  For more information, visit

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