Spectators Gain Heartfelt Experiences During the Paralympics in Sochi

sled hockey demo - photo by Katie Harris

Written By Matthew Gephart

SOCHI, Russia – Spectators were given the chance outside the Curling Centre and inside the Shabaya Center this week to see what it was like to participate in the Sled Hockey and Wheelchair Curling competitions.  This was a very popular spot to stop while spending time at the Olympic Park and allows the chance for some education about what it is like to participate in such events.

It is important to make sure that young spectators can experience the perseverance and determination it takes to compete in the sports happening in Sochi this year, especially when the ability to complete daily tasks can be taken for granted by those without physical  impairments.

photo by Katie HarrisA small goal and Sled were available for participants to literally take a seat into the life of a Sled Hockey player and get a feel for shooting and just the balance needed alone.  Many have enjoyed the experience and take it to heart while being able to feel such quarrels these Olympians face every day.

On the opposite side, participants were able to feel the stones weight as it slides along a mock ice sheet with targets like the house on a real sheet in the Curling Centre.  Many participants found it difficult to place the stones in the center of the house closest to the button, while some were successful after their first and second throws becoming more comfortable with the curl of the stones.

Many folks left happy and excited having had the chance to share the experiences with Olympians during the 2014 Paralympics in Sochi, Russia.

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